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Keep calm and be yourself
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Yo i'm Hexash or you guys can call me Hex so heres the things you'll need to know about me
1.LOVE black butler.soul eater, bleach, happy tree friend, black bird, etc.
2. i love chocolate pocky
3. i'm a total bookworm so i read any manga i find
4. love anime too
5. i want to go to Tokyo,Japan one day
6. I though myself how to speak Japanesse when i was 15
7. I love three creepy pasta guys, Laughing Jack, Jeff the Killer, and Masky what can I say I love to laugh,sharpening knives plus I can change my voice to a demon one.
8. I may act like a sweet innocence angel but if you every make me mad, I snap and change into a strong monster so run I love a good game of hunter and prey hehe....HAHAHA!!!
9. my bloodlines are Austrian,German, Irish (north or south I do not know), Scottish, Italian is same as my irish blood, I have no idea if i'm north or south, and also Native American but If any of you guys or girls met me I'm a pretty good mix with my blood heritage
  • Mood: Horror
This poem is from when I had a nightmare I had once so please enjoy it
Do not edit, this poem is of my own work
No copy writing

I hear bloody screams every hour through October's cold nights in my room.

I see blood red eyes on the walls with claw marks on my windows hearing the squeals of the glass splitting.

I curl up into a tight ball wishing, praying the pain would stop, the stinging words these fools throw at my face.

For years this pain has fester turning into agony,rage, and betrayal as my heart became impure and cold as stone.

No emotions show on my scarred face only anger and madness from my insane mind.

As my blood boiled through my veins stirred the hate, the sorrow, and the cruel tricks of years past.

I sit in my pitch black room hoping,praying the torment would ease but it will not as I looked at myself on my old cracked mirror I see two of me one sweet and innocent wearing a lace frill dress, the other cruel and in rapture wearing a torn black dress her hands covered in fresh blood.

As I back away from the split personality in my mirror the one in black laughs at me, calling me names then as depression shows in my soul , I break  the mirror with my bare hands as I finished I felt a sharp pain inside of me.

Looking at my hands I cried seeing the shards of glass all over my bedroom floor as the smell of rust and salt sting my nose, I was bleeding destroying the mirror,my mind,my sanity did not help me escape the pain it caused the pain that made me scream bloody murder as I fell to the ground I finally felt the horror ended  all because my heart stopped beating.

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